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Interesting meme I just picked up Jan. 17th, 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Here's the game:  Open up your music player with your main library and set it to random.  Each song title goes in as it comes up.

Soundtrack to your life!

Opening Credits:
Waking Up:
First Day At School:
Falling In Love:
Breaking Up:
Life's Ok:
Mental Breakdown:
Getting Back Together:
Birth of Child:
Wedding Scene:
Final Battle:
Death Scene:
Funeral Song:
End Credits:

Here's mine:

Opening Credits: Drifting - FF VIII soundtrack
Waking Up: Perfect Enemy - t.A.T.u
First Day At School: Galaxy Song - Monty Python
Falling In Love: Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence
Breaking Up: Ever Dream - Nightwish
Prom: Villeman og Magnhild - In Extremo
Life's Ok: Krieger morden nicht - Stahlhammer
Mental Breakdown: Holiday - Green Day
Driving: Perfekte Droge - Megaherz
Flashback: Let Forever Be - The Chemical Brothers
Getting Back Together: Kopfschuss - Megaherz
Birth of Child: Scar Tissue - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Wedding Scene: Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish
Final Battle: Vienna - Stahlhammer
Death Scene: Angels Fall First - Nightwish
Funeral Song: Excuse Me Mr. - No Doubt
End Credits: Engel - Rammstein
Bloopers: Himmelfahrt - Megaherz
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Dec. 28th, 2007 @ 11:17 pm
Swiped from fatealerion

Aggressive, but with the brains to back it up: You are a Spellsword!
Score! You have a prestige class. A prestige class can only be taken after you've fulfilled certain requirements. This may mean that you're an exceptionally talented person, but it probably doesn't.
Spellswords combine arcane might with combat know-how. They're much tougher than mages, like to wear armor, and can cast spells through their weapons. They're very, very, good at doing lots of damage to a single target very quickly, and while not quite as tough as most fighters, are still pretty hard to kill.
You're both smart and aggressive, which means that you're probably pretty dangerous when pissed off. You also tend to be somewhat straightforward, which is nice, and don't have much use for spirituality or mysticism.

After having my Fable character build up much the same, it's not surprising.

Christmas Meme I got tagged with Dec. 28th, 2007 @ 07:43 pm
As a regular commentatorial type individual on Possummomma's blog ( Atheist in a Minivan ) I was tagged with this.  If any of my two readers feel like continuing it, go for it.

1. What was the best gift your received ever?
Hard to say, but the one I definitely got the most mileage out of is a sketchbook I got at least ten years ago.  It's in the cabinet above my head, the cover barely hanging on and stuffed full of character sheets and the Generic Destinies ruleset.  (BTW, best RP system ever.  Easy to build, fun to play, and only as sheet-bound as the GM likes it. http://www.freewebs.com/fatealerion/gd/gdsetup.htm Plus, the linux nerds will like that it's basically open-source)
2. What was the worst?
These...shirts my relatives keep getting me every year.  These things are like sweatshirts, but thinner.  They're not ugly, but not really my style either.  They never see me wear them, yet they kept getting them for me.  The worst part is that, were they actual sweatshirts, I might have worn them.  It gets cold in Minnesota.  Obviously, that doesn't sound too bad (especially compared to this: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/comedy-goldmine/worst-christmas-presents.php ) but it got annoying that I kept getting those instead of stuff I actually wanted, or at least gift cards/money.
3. What's the best gift you've given someone else?
Has to be the set of Harry Potter books I gave one of my cousins.  She was reportedly scared by them at first (raised Catholic), but now loves them and is nearly as big an Anime geek as me.  Thinking of that, When I get my tax returns, I should send her a set of Copic markers.  They're expensive, but she would definitely use them well.  (I'll admit I'm no artist, but I do like to do tech sketches.  CAD class was easily a favorite)
4. What's the worst?
Can't really think of one.  When I can afford to give gifts, they're usually at least an attempt at being something they'd like.  At least I never shop at the dollar store, convenience store, or liquor store.
5. What did you get this holiday season?
I'm nearly 1000 miles from my closest family, so all I've received so far is a $25 check from my Grandma.  It was really nice since I was out of toilet paper and nearly out of beer and stuff to put in my coffee.
6. Where did it fit on the best to worst scale (best being 1 and worst being a 10)?
About average.  A nice boost when I could use it, but not really anything I can spend on much more than I got.
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Huh, been a while Dec. 26th, 2007 @ 07:27 pm
So, LJ is telling me it's been 28 weeks since my last post.  Strangely, no one's used the nudge feature on me.  But then again, only one of my friends actually posts.  So, onto the actual ramblings.

Well, first, because of a moron who thinks that just because he's anonymous he can be an arrogant prick (see the following:
http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/19 , note, salty language involved) I'm now going to filter all anon replies.  So, even "haha you can't log my IP" (even though it does anyways, which is mostly meaningless as even my IP is NAT filtered through my router) won't make it onto here.  I'd like to at least pretend that most of the people who I talk to have some degree of intelligence.  (Well, ROSC, you're an exception, but you're entertaining, at least.  And to me, entertaining is an important factor.)

So, as to what's going on, my laptop is always out of space and barely has enough of a video chipset to run World of Warcraft.  It's still running pretty well, but I still need to bring my ubertron of a desktop back online.  A new power supply is needed, as the old one decided it didn't like its fan to run.  On that note, never buy Sceptre brand monitors, especially the 22" widescreen model.  The DVI port went dead on it, which is apparently a common issue.  And in addition to that, NEVER buy computer equipment at the PX.  Even though the sole difference between the monitor and a similarly sized LCD HDTV is the lack of the things that make the latter a TV, the monitor has a 15 day return period, while the latter, 60.  So, rather than a quick replacement of something that wasn't working with one that was, it took them three months to get an RMA for a return.  And finally, rather than exchange it right there for the Samsung 225BW I'd been eyeing before grabbing the Sceptre because it was available when I wanted it, they did a full return, meaning it was a few days before the amount returned to my credit card.  And thus I had no monitor at that point.  And I left Germany a few days later.

So, I'm currently stuck with a laptop closing in on its third year.  Not the worst of situations, but when you compare the two:
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite M35X-S311
Pentium M 1.6 Ghz
2GB RAM (upgraded from 512 included)
Intel 855 integrated video
60GB hard drive
DVD-ROM/CD-R drive

Desktop: Home build
Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHZ dual core
eVGA nForce 680i mobo
2GB DDR2 800Mhz
BFG Geforce 7900 GT OC 512MB version (Would have been two if the one shipped hadn't been bent, and Tiger direct had another one to exchange it with)
3 320GB hard drives
Lightscribe DVD burner

You can tell why I'm anxious to have the cash to get the desktop up again.  I miss having access to that power, and especially newer games that the laptop just can't run.  That's a lot of power sitting idle.

On another note, my Xbox died a few weeks ago, succumbing to the Disc Read Error.  Of course, being out of warranty, it would cost me $80 to send it out to be fixed.  The exact amount to just go grab another one from Gamestop, used.  Obviously, without the same hard drive, but I'm a fully trained and qualified IT tech, so that's not as big a deal.  Being that no new games are coming out for it anyways, I might as well just wait and get a 360 with my tax returns instead.  That said, since I'm going downrange soon anyways, and PS3 has a new Ratchet & Clank, I might get that one instead.  Then again, I even accepted how Deadlocked fit in the universe, but R&C Future, having played the demo, is just plain full of win and cake.

The following are hilarious and should be included in most linking sessions:
The Escapist : Zero Punctuation  (Extremely Funny reviews of video games)
www.derrickcomedy.com (A modern, college-kid Monty Python.  True heirs to the funny.)
ZUG  (Anybody capable of pranking the television broadcast of the Superbowl gets big points)

Hopefully, I won't take as long for the next post.  But I'm sure I won't post as often as vampire_ninja
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My idea on how to fix border security Jun. 8th, 2007 @ 08:20 pm
This just came to me. It may not be perfect, but I think it's at least got the psychological factor down pat.

Run a fence with pressure sensors along the border. Every 2 miles, you place a tower. In this tower, you put 2 sniper and spotter teams, with sleeping quarters one floor down so they work in shifts. Each sniper is equipped with an M82 Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle. These towers will each be responsible for a mile each way.

When a border runner jumps the fence, and alarm sounds and the location is displayed on a screen. The spotter and sniper then locate the individual(s) and fire a round into the ground 50 feet ahead of them. This will be verified with a camera in the scope and the spotter's scope and instantly transmitted to a central control station.

The spotter then plays a recording with the following in spanish: [That was the first of five warning shots. Each shot will be 30 seconds apart and ten feet closer. Should you continue after that, you will be shot for trespassing on United States Sovereign territory. Turn back and return over the fence, and no more shots will be fired. The nearest point you can apply for legal entry into the United States of America is ___________________________].
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Other entries
» Updating for the hell of it.
So, I decided to give some mini-reviews of the games I've been playing lately. These will be completely biased and unfair.

F.E.A.R./Extraction Point
While the base game will freak you out, all the fucked up shit that happens in the expansion makes Silent Hill look like a vacation spot. In terms of how good it is, the immersion factor is off the scale. By using ordinary, everyday environments, they allow the AI of the enemy soldiers and the things that are going on to stand out even more. As for the AI, the enemy soldiers seek cover, melee when you're close, scream "FUCK!" when a grenade goes off near them, hunt for a better shooting angle, try to flank you, and try to move to better cover when you hit them. And they have intelligent radio chatter between each other to coordinate these actions.

And then they send in the heavily armored units. Including 4 10-foot tall battle walkers in a parking garage that take more than 30 rockets to destroy.

And Alma is the core of it all. Where in the first game all she can do is force visions into your mind and rend the occasional group of people, in the second she can summon/create demonic creatures that kill people in extremely bloody, high-flying ways. Though there seems to be two of them in the expansion...

Quake 4
Space marine fights borg-like aliens called the Strogg. Gets captured and transformed nearly all the way into a Strogg soldier. Freed before the neural control device is activated. Is now the only one who can destroy the Strogg central mind. Blah blah blah, insert FPS/sci-fi cliche here. The Strogg-built weapons have some interesting abilities, but they have to be upgraded by a tech. And the lightning gun and Dark Matter gun are still the only really interesting weapons. And even then, you don't get enough ammo for them to really have fun with it. As for the AI, it's not much smarter than in the first Quake. Overall, it's just mediocre.

Battlefield 2142
I'd love this game more if it actually worked. It's fun, and once you get into it the upgrades start rolling in. But there's no reason for it to just suddenly stop loading up. Period.

World of Warcraft
Not much I can say that hasn't been said a thousand times already.

Sam & Max season 1
One of the few episodic games worth every penny. Truly the funniest series I have played in a long time. I recommend that anyone with a sense of humor and an appreciation for the bizarre should go buy this. Now. What the fuck are you still doing here?

(no, I'm not getting paid for this)
» Ways to fix the US Space program
1: Take more risks
The current space program is too reliant on '80's technology. Combined with being so overcautious that they have reverted to using a capsule instead of trying innovative new designs, such as the excellent Venturestar design. One of their first tasks should be to design, build, and launch a new design every two years.

2: Specialize the craft
Building an all-purpose craft was fine when we were just getting going, and such a design worked for well over fifteen years. But at the same time, dependence on that design has caused stagnation within NASA. We need to start launching specialized craft built to handle specific tasks. Small, unpressurized construction frames/cargo movers. Heavy load launchers. Drydock building facilities. Asteroid mining ships with spin force rings to allow for resource collection to build more, bigger ships without pulling any materials from Earth. Repair tugs. Planetary and cross-station shuttles.

3: Modernize the equipment.
The entire computer system of the space shuttles could be replaced with a single first-generation Panasonic Toughbook. They are so old that the only people who would buy them are those with a personal space museum.

4: Make space travel, mining, and manufacturing profitable
The same reason is why air travel is so common and reasonably priced today. As well as why it's cheaper to manufacture goods outside the US. Even simply being able to make better equipment using null-gee manufacturing methods using materials pulled from a debris field the size of a planet would be worth the expenses and risks involved in developing such infrastructure. Even using public funds to build manufacturing core stations that companies add their own modules onto at the Lagrange points would be beneficial.
» The retards on this post
It's become clear to me that the people in charge of MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) here on Wiesbaden Army Airfield are fucking retarded. While what generated this rant was not the first clue, it is what pulled the puzzle together.

Exhibit A: Decides to shut down the on-post theater, citing lack of use. Specifically, during the month of august. PROBLEM: Both major units with personnel living in the barracks (1ADHQ, 3COSCOM) were deployed. Thus, at the time there was almost no one living on post, with the Main PX theater being next to off-post housing.

Exhibit B: Stops providing full kitchen service at fairly new Victory Point bar, citing lack of use. (see above)

Exhibit C: Reduces Bowling Alley open days. (see above)

Exhibit D: Has problems keeping bartenders for Victory Point. Yet refuses family members with American bartending licenses for the position. Resulting in odd open hours, and lately being open Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. But being closed Friday. I shouldn't have to point out what's wrong with that.

Exhibit E: Does not promote, plan, or hold a New Years Eve party at Victory Point. Does not even open the Point.
» (No Subject)
On the twelfth day of Christmas, 1steelcobra sent to me...
Twelve vampire_ninjas drumming
Eleven cutecutenekoomis piping
Ten fatealerions a-leaping
Nine woodchuck05s dancing
Eight swords a-milking
Seven knives a-swimming
Six models a-biking
Five gu-u-u-uns
Four sf novels
Three fantasy novels
Two martial arts
...and an anime in a something.
Get your own Twelve Days:

» Couple sites
First is Library Thing. This is like a myspace for bibliophiles. www.librarything.com http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=steelcobra

Second is a site with the entire series of Exo Squad. This show was the definition of awesomzors. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=96682435&blogID=149120855&MyToken=fed12b96-7276-44e0-863c-6a43665aea11
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